"Having the opportunity to explore past lives with Christina was a mind expanding and truly rewarding experience. She made me feel very safe and supported as she guided me through the session. I really appreciated how, once the hypnosis was concluded, she sat with me and gave further insights to what came up during our session. I value her incredible intuition, her warm and loving demeanor, and her professionalism. Since that reading, I have been eager to return for more... and encouraging all of my friends to give themselves the gift of a session with Christina!"


"Christina, It was such a gift to experience your "Spiritual Hypnosis for Weight Loss" series. Your warm and caring manner made me feel safe and supported; and allowed me to finally face my childhood and adolescence wounds from a place of love and compassion. I have been able to forgive myself and others in a way never experienced before. I now nourish my body, exercise, and feel good about myself; and have already lost fifteen pounds. I've been able to relinquish relationships that no longer serve me. My old fear-based thinking is being replaced with love and anticipation... allowing me to really move into the work I love. I'm able to set healthy and appropriate boundaries in my relationships. No longer am I living as the wounded child I thought myself to be. You helped me to meet and become my authentic self; and she is beautiful, courageous, deeply loved, and Divinely protected. I'm grateful for your intuition, loving insights, professionalism and extensive knowledge of the angels, so freely shared."

In love and gratitude,

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a past life regression may be for you if:

you can’t let go of,
no matter how hard you try.

YOU HAVE A FEAR of heights, flying, or oceans,
mountains or tall buildings scare you with
no logical reason this lifetime.
in your life that you have a strong reaction to, positive or negative,
that feels very intense to you.

YOU SIMPLY WANT TO HEAL anything that could be holding you back
from experiencing your highest potential this lifetime.

christina ray offers a seven week hypnosis series called “spiritual hypnosis for weight loss.”

course requirement: Women Food and God by Gennen Roth.

Working with Hypnosis, the Angels, and her own intuitive guidance, Christina takes you to a deep place within your soul to uncover any wounding that happened in childhood, adolescents, past lives, or in any of your intimate relationships and guides you through hypnosis how to reprogram and replace these past hurts with healing, love, forgiveness, and compassion. Christina helps you to get in touch with your authentic self, find out what she or he wants to manifest in your life, and then gives you the courage and strength to go for it!

please note: The 1st and 7th session are 90 minutes, the other 5 sessions are 60 minutes. Christina highly recommends doing this course 7 weeks consecutively. If that is not possible, you may come every other week. Any longer time in between sessions will take away from the effectiveness of Hypnosis and is not an option for this series.

Christina is now offering a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation to explain how this program works, the time commitment and pricing and answer any question you may have. Please call


if you have any other questions and to discuss pricing.